Monday, June 1, 2009

Green Beans and Cello Strings

with Zoë Keating blasting in her ears
if you have the right to blast classical music
for she had the right to do this(and more)
she steps out of her car
and approaches the neon sign
her feet timidly carrying her closer
to the cause of anxiety.
this must be conquered.
Zoë plays faster and faster,
the music swelling up in her ears
her haunting cello setting the mood

with her head held high,
she walks in, and grabs a basket
noting how beautiful it looks empty
the glare of the lights on the tile
and the brightness of the vegetables
almost blind her
with fear
peoples wandering eyes
(only on groceries)
must certainly be focused on her

she becomes lost in the strings
lost in another world
and reaches out for a handful
of green beans
how much is too much?
she wonders, mumbling aloud
quickly tying up the bag
she throws it in the basket
before she changes her mind
and with her body trembling
walks towards the checkout

she sits in her car a moment
looking back at the neon sign
stunned as the song finishes
whether she liked to admit it or not,
progress had been made.

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